Treatment Options for Work Related Injuries

Resolving Work Injuries for Desk Jobs

Work injuries happen to people in all types of occupations. Lack of safety, mistakes, and exhaustion don't discriminate, and when things combine, it makes it even more likely that someone will get hurt while doing their job. While traditional work injury has often been associated with neck pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and similar work injury resulting from manual labor, workers comp in the modern age is evolving. With a significant number of people doing mental work, comes mental work injury statistics and impacts as well. Stress, mental duress, burnout, and exhaustion are now filling up case files, resulting in numerous physical side effects as well, ranging from neck and spine issues to wrist and joint problems as well. We at Southmetro Chiropractic Center, your chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA, and your chiropractic near Jackson, GA, know a lot about work injuries and workers comp.

The Work Injury World Changes with Modernity Too

For years, many just chalked up office injuries to minor matters, but today chronic stress, for example, makes up one of the biggest categories of workers comp injuries that chiropractors and insurance companies are seeing now. Many new programs are being implemented by companies big and small to prevent more injuries, often to reduce insurance costs as well as avoid loss of productivity.

A Workers Comp Chiropractic Near Jackson GA

The need for chiropractic treatment and a chiropractor near Jackson GA is always present given how the work world continues to create pressure. Wrist problems, neck pain, back pain and even knee pain from sitting too long are common. Fortunately, for folks needing a chiropractic near Jackson, GA, or a chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA, we at Southmetro Chiropractic Center can help. Providing chiropractic treatment that addresses everything from shoulder pain to stress imbalance, we at Southmetro Chiropractic Center's team can provide the treatment, as well as the insurance management, to help deal with shoulder pain and exhaustion as well as slipped discs. Remember, if you need a chiropractor in Jonesboro, GA, we at Southmetro Chiropractic Center can help there too.

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